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We store visitor logs for up to 90 days. These logs typically contain one line for each request (to a page, image, API, etc.). Each line contains info such as IP address, URL, user-agent data (your browser and version number), referer info, and other standard data your browser sends when you visit any website.

We may collect additional anonymized logs of user actions (e.g., how many people clicked on a certain button), to make the site better. If we do, we'll strive to make that data public, so we're not the only ones who can learn from it.

We use standard methods (cookies, web storage) to store information in your browser, such as your user session key, your preferred user interface language, or drafts of information you've not published yet.

We may be required to respond to legal requests for user information (e.g., due to a subpoena). In those cases, we will notify you wherever reasonable, and will resist requests we consider to be invalid.

We do not monetize our users. We don't show you advertising or sell or share your private data with anyone (with the exception of when legally required to do so, as noted above), nor do we use any tracking or analytics services operated by third parties.