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Hashc0de is Abhay Raj Kumar. Welcome to my Userpage. An expanded userpage can be found at wikipedia


I'm a co-Founder and the first Secretary of Free Culture @ New York University. Currently I'm a post-Baccaulaureate Research Assitant at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. You can contact me over AIM (hashc0de), YIM (hashc0de), email (abhay.kumar[a t]opensynapse[d o t]org) or on irc (hashc0de on FreeNodeIRC)



Here are the various tasks I need to keep I mind. If you have anything that I should add, please let me know directly via email or drop it in my talk.

To-do List

  • Set up a subversion server
  • Set up Drupal or write a site from scratch. Pros and cons for both
  • Integrate RSS blog feeds
  • Integrate MediaWiki