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NameName::Gavin Baker
School University of Florida
Location Gainesville, Fla., USA
Program Political Science
Class of 2007
Hometown near Orlando, Fla., USA
E-mail Email::gavin @t freeculture .dot. org
Jabber Jabber::gavinbaker @t jabber .dot. org
AIM AIM::gavin baker 42

I need to clean up this page. It's low on my priorities, but I'll get around it to, some day, maybe. For the time being, assume everything on this page is incorrect.

Hi, I'm Gavin. I co-founded Florida Free Culture in spring 2005; I graduated from UF in May 2007. I was on, Inc.'s first board of directors.

You can join Florida Free Culture's mailing list by sending a message to LISTSERV@LISTS.UFL.EDU with subscribe FFC-L Your Name in the body of the email. It's a one-way announce list, and low traffic. There is also a group on thefacebook called Florida Free Culture.


  • Travel fund, so group leaders / the board can meet, and so students can travel to conferences, etc.
  • Speaker's bureau, to help coordinate bringing speakers / presenters to campuses
  • Help placing students in internships, work, volunteer, research, or training opportunities
  • Scholarship to provide OSS-loaded PCs to students
  • Help researchers, promote research in our sphere, produce original research (summer research internships?)
  • Provide FC.o & other merch. to new campus groups (along with Activist Packet)
  • Action alerts
  • Action alert system for campus groups
  • Style guide for blog, announce emails, etc. (How to:blog)
  • Press section on Web site with readymade info
  • Info on Web site in other languages (French, Spanish)
  • Merch. / pamphlets for influential people outside the org
  • Business cards for directors
  • Better integration of wiki with Web site
  • Shared address book(s)
  • Revamp password system
  • Provide funding for grant-writing workshops for students
  • Provide small bounties / stipends / mini-grants for students to work on FC.o (e.g. Webmasters, blog writers)
  • Section on site with links to free software we use or would like to use, to direct developers to work on those projects
  • Section on site with links to upcoming events (example -- but more organized, useful, and comprehensive than this)
  • Private facebook with contact info
  • Make subdomain, move team mailing lists there (so blog@teams.fc.o), put Web site on volunteering at


  • Is "" the best name for our organization?
  • Should we claim to be "international" when all our groups, and almost everyone involved, is in the U.S.? Should we try to be international -- or let those outside the U.S. start their own national group naturally?
  • Should our blog be for FC.o news only, or also for action alerts, or commentary? Should we be encouraging students to write commentary? Can we rely on a regular production of commentary? Would the commentary work better in its own blog (or its own RSS feed, but the same blog)?
  • We're about participation. We seem to have given up on being "radically decentralized"; how can we stay decentralized enough that creativity and innovation flourishes? How can we be "radically transparent" (but still professional) instead?
  • How can we recognize the contributions that people have made to us (volunteers, money, in-kind donations)? How can we track people so we know who did what?