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NameName::Christina Xu
School Harvard University
Location Cambridge, MA, USA
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Class of 2009
Hometown Columbus, OH
E-mail Email::kxu at fas dot harvard dot edu
Jabber [[Jabber::{{{jabber}}}]]
AIM AIM::CrimsonNinjaGirl
Website [Recently eaten by pterodactyls Recently eaten by pterodactyls]

Hello! I'm Christina, and I'm a member of both MIT and Harvard Free Culture(s). I'm also the head of Outreach, so I'm in charge of helping new chapters get started, helping old chapters stay alive and active, and encouraging communication between chapters. If this sounds like something you want to do, PLEASE sign up to be an outreach monkey!

In my free as in not-doing-Freeculture-stuff time, I like to eat, slack off, draw on post-it notes, eat, hang out at MIT, talk with interesting people, eat, sing a capella, not know what I'm doing with my life, and eat.

To Do!


  • Figure out a way to consolidate weekly chapter updates
  • Consolidate people into a core mailing list for the nat'l organization
  • Start the "How to set up a CC Art Show" and "How to Recruit Members" tutorial projects
  • Notify local chapters about positions in Nat'l org that need filling


  • Get Artshow up and running
  • Recruit new members (esp. to MIT Free Culture! AH!)
    • Do something about MIT RIAA case?
  • China-related projects
    • Esp. WoW
  • Make more flyers.