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Free Culture Conference Call December 28th, 2004

Attending: Benjamin Li

Purpose of Conference Call: Internal Strategy Paper

Public Knowledge wants us to do two things:

1) Internal strategy paper. How we're going to get things done - how we're going to further Free Culture as a student movement. • How we are going to get things done • Map of structure – concrete sustainable path • This can be important not just for PK but to improve our organization • Topical information o How are we going to run? o How do we want the organization to look and then reverse engineer

2) External policy paper to give to legislators so they know what students want them to do • For policymakers

Note: 1. Keeping in mind that individual chapters make us distinct from other organizations such as EFF, etc. 2. #1 priority: national organization’s first purpose is to increase the quantity and to foster the quality of local groups

Free Culture’s Organizational Components:

o Communication o Communicating with local groups o Organizational structure o Philosophy o Digital public policy o Logistics o Roles of who is doing what o Must fill roles o Goals o Timeline and related updates o Improving quality and quantity of local groups

Free Culture Components Explored:

o Communication o Communicating with local groups o Communication weak  Dichotomy between national and local would be a result of it o Everyone should in contact with each other o Rapid/response to media o Decentralized with some method… o Impersonal resources  Online resources  Wiki for the individual groups to contribute to o Personal resources  Being able to contact a real human being  Directory of the individual groups  Description of the individual groups  Message board o Portal targeted for each individual member of Free Culture that aggregates the feeds from local chapter blogs  Planet?  Chapter blogs not individual blogs  We need some more than blogs and email lists o Organizational structure o Chairman and the rest of core group over certain jurisdiction o Nelson – combination between national and local groups o Steering or core committee directing the group while committees have certain responsibilities or functions o Some local autonomy and some national o We're in a transitional period, where we used to be mostly a single group and now the local chapters are emerging. o Defining issues, setting up communication structures, facilitate and coordinate their work, but shouldn’t be command and control  Local to the national to determine direction o Thoughts from Ben: instead of committees, what about working groups?  o Philosophy o Digital public policy o Logistics o Roles of who is doing what o Must fill roles o Goals o Timeline and related updates o Improving quality and quantity of local groups o Local groups – what can we expect from the national and what can national expect from local o Repository of ideas and information for the local groups o Differences between local and national chapters and what their assets are o Linkage between local groups and communication  How structured versus decentralized we need to be  How can we be a clearing house for information when local groups give the national group information 

GROUP ORGANIZATION: CASE STUDY, YOUTH GROUP o Local o Shared information because they attended state functions o o State o National

GROUP ORGANIZATION: CASE STUDY, BOY SCOUTS o Local o Local planning of regional events o Regional o National o Providing materials and logistical support


The wiki is not that well organized and there are no real deep links from the main page.

Need to be able to accommodate both long-term, sustained efforts and short-term, quick-reaction events.

We need an Instant-Response Squad. We need squads or teams -- so you Can develop your own expertise. o Thoughts from Ben: Howard Dean built up a similar such organization, called Dean Rapid/Response Network it has morphed into an R/R network for progressive politics. Here is the link, it might be of some use in forming our own quick response to media,

Unanswered questions:

How do local chapters coordinate and how does the national organization work with them?

How does the national coordinate itself?

Wrap up:

We need a to-do list and an action-by list. We need an organizational structure. We don't need to assign tasks to people; we need to assign something bigger. Like responsibilities.

Another conference call has been scheduled for Wednesday at 3 pm. During the conference call, we will make plans for an AIM chat to create a draft of the internal strategy paper.