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(outlook and outlook express.)
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Subscribe [http://mail.freeculture.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss_freeculture.org here]
Subscribe [http://mail.freeculture.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss_freeculture.org here]

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Subscribe here

Managing Discussion Email

You usually don't want dicussion list emails getting in your inbox and distracting you. You can do this by setting your software to send messages containing '[freecult-discuss]' in a subject line to another folder. Here's how to set various email clients to filter the messages for you.


  • On the menu bar, click 'Tools', then select 'Message Filters...'
  • A dialog box should appear. Click 'New...'
  • Enter the options you want. A straightforward configuration is to name the filter 'Freeculture.org Discuss', and below, enter these:
  • Thunderbird config fcdiscuss.jpg
  • Below that, under 'Perform these actions', check 'Move to folder' and select the folder you want to send it to.


  • Sign in. Click options link, near the top right. Click the 'mail' tab on the left sidebar.
  • Click 'Custom Filters'. Click the 'New Filter' button. Enter the options you'd like--a screenshot of a basic configuration follows:
  • Discussion list config hotmail.png

Outlook and Outlook Express

Since there are many versions out there, your best bet is to search for 'filter' in help. (Outlook calls them 'rules' and Outlook Express calls them 'views'.)

Yahoo! Mail

  • Sign in. Click 'Mail options', near the top right.
  • Under the 'Spam' section, click 'Filters'. Click the 'Add' button. Enter the options you want. Here's the screenshot of a sample configuration:
  • Discussion list config yahoo.png
  • More information at Yahoo.com: What are filters, and how can I set them up?

(PS. These instructions worked when they were written, but since software interfaces may change rapidly, feel free to update them, including overwriting the screenshots. Thanks!)