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Subscribe [http://mail.freeculture.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss_freeculture.org here]
#REDIRECT [[Mailing lists]]
=Managing Discussion Email=
You usually don't want dicussion list emails getting in your inbox and distracting you. You can do this by setting your software to send messages containing '[freecult-discuss]' in a subject line to another folder. Here's how to set various email clients to filter the messages for you.
* On the menu bar, click 'Tools', then select 'Message Filters...'
* A dialog box should appear. Click 'New...'
Enter the options you want. A straightforward configuration is to name the filter 'Freeculture.org Discuss', and below, enter these:
[[Image:Thunderbird config fcdiscuss.jpg]]
Below that, under 'Perform these actions', check 'Move to folder' and select the folder you want to send it to.
==[http://www.hotmail.com Hotmail]==
* Sign in. Click options link, near the top right. Click the 'mail' tab on the left sidebar.
* Click 'Custom Filters'. Click the 'New Filter' button. Enter the options you'd like--a screenshot of a basic configuration follows:
[[Image:Discussion list config hotmail.png]]
==[http://mail.yahoo.com Yahoo! Mail]==
* Sign in. Click 'Mail options', near the top right.
Under the 'Spam' section, click 'Filters'. Click the 'Add' button. Enter the options you want. Here's the screenshot of a sample configuration:
[[Image:Discussion list config yahoo.png]]
''(PS. These instructions worked when they were written, but since software interfaces may change rapidly, feel free to update them, including overwriting the screenshots. Thanks!)''

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