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This new [[Mission Statement]] will be appropriate for giving to other groups or funders, but useless for giving to legislators, since it's about our activities, not our political beliefs. I guess that would be more like a policy paper. Anyway, I think we can probably take some cues from the [http://freeculture.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mission_Statement&oldid=6379 old draft] for use in the Advocacy section. -- [[User:Gavinbaker|Gavin]] 22:42, 26 Jun 2005 (EDT)
== Archive of pre-ratification comments ==
[[Talk:Bylaws/Archive]] contains comments on the bylaws prior to ratification.
what do we need to decide?
* Do we have members or not?
* where do members come from?  How are they defined?  what are their privileges and responsibilities
* do we have chapters? how are they defined? what are their privileges and responsibilities?
* what is the board? how does it work? where does it come from?
* how are the bylaws amended?

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Archive of pre-ratification comments

Talk:Bylaws/Archive contains comments on the bylaws prior to ratification.