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*Nelson Pavlosky (Swarthmore) - Bookkeeper (aka Numbersman and all-around "nice-guy") [6.1]
*Nelson Pavlosky (Swarthmore) - Bookkeeper (aka Numbersman and all-around "nice-guy") [6.1]
*Gavin Baker (Florida) [6.1] ''(awaiting confirmation)''
*Gavin Baker (Florida) [6.1]
*Abhay Kumar (NYU) [6.1]  
*Abhay Kumar (NYU) [6.1]  
*Stephen Compall (Evansville) [6.1] ''(awaiting confirmation)''
*Stephen Compall (Evansville) [6.1] ''(awaiting confirmation)''

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A solid group within the core team who will be responsible for decisions regarding incorporation including organizational structure. This entity will be transitory and may be called upon by the core team when needed for this purpose. In order to get our national organization on its feet as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit incorporation, there are several steps that must be well defined and this must be done before the next academic year begins. The core team will continue to serve its capacity as it has in the past but the steering committee will take on the recently added roles of dealing with incorporation, etc. This structure will be active until August 14 by which decisions for organizational structure must be completed.


  • Nelson Pavlosky (Swarthmore) - Bookkeeper (aka Numbersman and all-around "nice-guy") [6.1]
  • Gavin Baker (Florida) [6.1]
  • Abhay Kumar (NYU) [6.1]
  • Stephen Compall (Evansville) [6.1] (awaiting confirmation)
  • Elizabeth Stark (Harvard Law) [6.2]
  • Benjamin Li (U of Miami) [6.2]


  • Member of the core team. Easy to do. Just attend one conference call and (poof!) you're a core member (as of now).
  • Available to keep up with all content of the core list and particularly the matters needed to make decisions as a committee member.
  • Have to be available until the end of the summer. If you need to leave, please let us know in advance.
  • Must respond within two days of a call for a decision.

Joining and Leaving

  • Anyone who meets this criteria can join the steering committee at anytime during this summer.
  • Anyone may leave the steering committee at anytime if you find that you can't meet the requirements.


  • One warning for a lack of response. Warning will be given.
  • Second infraction will be removal from the steering committee. We really don't have the time to pander about for some of these issues. We need to make sure that we have solid decisions made.
  • Obviously, extenuating circumstances must be accepted but please let us know in advance if you can't make a decision or if you are unable to do so. We're all friends here.
  • If you would like to return to the committee, all current members of the steering committee must accept your re-entry