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Does your school require a particular software platform in order to participate?

Seattle University Law School

Requires Windows so that students can use Softest. SU Law also requires Windows for students to access printers, they claim that the driver for keeping track of how many page each student prints is Windows only.

Half Hollow Hills High School East

Assumes everybody is using a Mac or a ""PC"". Art classes mostly require Mac OS X and some form of adobe software. Teachers require Java for grading purposes. Most teachers (and students) think Mac OS X is superior (and due to our network setup, it is portrayed to be) to any other platform. Mac owners within the school act egotistic when any other OS is mentioned. Microsoft word is also the de facto word processor. Other formats are generally not allowed.

Virginia Tech College of Engineering

Requires Windows for certain software. For CS majors, this is only necessary for two classes. Other types of engineers probably have more to deal with.

VT Engineering computer requirement