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Post all informational material regarding the Free Culture movement here. To learn how, use the tutorial.



Post flyers, information, and tips on reaching various existing clubs and campus groups.

  • Media groups - Media groups and campus publications (campus radio or television stations, magazines and newspapers)
  • Computer tech groups - Linux users groups, and techie/nerd clubs in general.
  • Student artists - This includes Starving Artists, Student Art Corps, Photo Clubs, Poetry and Literary Clubs, Anime Clubs, etc.
  • Student musicians - Student musician networks and garage bands. Also, students who sponsor and organize campus music venues.
  • GNU Linux Flier - Targeted more specifically at members of the Free Software and GNU/Linux movements.
  • Radio Flier - How industry control of radio is bad and how Free Culture helps.
  • Biotech Flier - How big biotech corporations stifle innovation
  • Protect Your Right to Tinker - Why engineers, inventors, and garage-workshop enthusiasts everywhere should care about the Free Culture movement.
  • Non-specific Writers - Why writers (and others) should care.
  • Visual Artists Flier - Why visual artists should care.
  • Computer Science Majors - Flier for computer scientists


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