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(How do I log in?)
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== SFC accounts ==
== SFC accounts ==

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This is an explanation document, written by the Web team.

If you want to learn more about world from the perspective of the web team, read other Web team explainers.

SFC accounts

How do I log in?

One of these:

  • look in ~freecult/passwords on the freeculture.org machine
  • Ask the right person. This might include any of:
    • Any board members since 2009
    • Parker Phinney

How do posts happen?

  • People with the passwords can post but only a few do on a regular basis
  • Posts to identi.ca automagically go to Twitter
  • Posts to twitter do not go automagically go to identi.ca
  • Pretty much anyone who @s freeculture will be re-tweeted
  • board@ gets pinged by identi.ca about followers and mentions

What is appropriate to post?

Driscoll's idiosyncratic criteria for posting with @freeculture has been:

  • News about the org
  • News about a chapter
  • News about a member
  • Something cool that a chapter/member is doing or has written (new projects, blog posts)
  • Take-action items of interest to chapters/members
  • News from affiliated groups of interest to chapters/members (e.g.

Public Knowledge reacts to something happening in Congress)