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This page will become more updated when Gavin Baker sends out an email with his ideas on pro/con toward the end of 2007-07-17.


We were once registered as an incorporated entity in Florida. We are no longer because we let it lapse.


Reasons we'd want to incorporate:

  • To support a paid staff
  • We can eventually become a 501(c)3 and accept donations from people to whom tax-deductibility is important
  • We can join iCommons if we become a 501(c)3
  • Many more grants are open to 501(c)3s
  • it increases our creditability as an orginization


  • We have to pay a $XXX fee in Mass, or a $YYY fee in Calif., or a $ZZZ fee in New York
  • We could get audited if we have more than $2M in CA or
  • We have to pay the IRS $X in 501(c)3 filing fees
    • Plus about $1500 in legal fees or find a pro-bono lawyer