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This tutorial will show you how to join our IRC channel, #freeculture on We assume that you have already installed Gaim. If this is not true, install Gaim, then continue.

Setup an IRC account

  • first, you need an IRC account in Gaim, so go to Tools -> Accounts, and "Add" an account
  • choose the IRC protocol
  • choose a screenname
  • your server is
  • you don't need a password, this is the password to access the server, and doesn't require a password to connect.

Then, once you've saved that account...

Register your Nickname

You should register your name with NickServ if you want this name to synonymous with you. If you don't do this, other people can "steal" your Nickname and prevent you from using it.

Registering with NickServ is absolutely vital if you're one of the admins for the project, because I need to be able to uniquely identify you to give you access to stuff. If you're just a normal user, you don't need to go through this step.

  • Right click your "IRC" group on your buddy list, and "Add a Buddy"
  • choose your IRC account
  • type in the screenname "NickServ"
  • and "Add" it
  • then send it an IM, by either double-clicking it on your buddy list or right-clicking it and selecting "IM"
  • The text of your IM should be "HELP". That should bring up the list of possible commands for interacting with the bot.
    • (for the generic list of IRC commands in any IRC window, just type "/help")
  • One of the commands listed should be REGISTER (register a nickname). To find out more about the process, type HELP REGISTER.
  • Once you have successfully registered, type IDENTIFY password, replacing "password" with your actual password, of course. Remember, all of this information should only go to "NickServ", you should never be sending it to any IRC channel or any individual who is not NickServ.

Join the #freeculture IRC channel

  • You should make a new group on your buddy list called IRC or something
  • Then right click that group and select "Add Chat"
  • choose your IRC account at the bottom
  • type in "#freeculture" for the channel name
  • leave the rest blank
  • and hit "Add"
  • then double-click on the chat on your buddy list, or right click it and select "Join"
  • Finally! You're now in #freeculture, hang out and talk to us! Or leave a message, if we're not around. As we gain members in different time zones, we hope to eventually have the channel active 24/7 :-D

Automate your IRC experience

Autojoin the #freeculture channel on login

If you want to join the #freeculture IRC channel automatically every time you sign on to Gaim (yes, you want to do this), just right click #freeculture on your buddy list and select "Autojoin", putting an "X" in the checkbox.

Automatic Identification with NickServ

  • So you've registered your name and you don't want to have to type "identify [password]" every time you log in.
  • Simply set a buddy pounce (like AIM's "alert me when user comes online" feature but much more powerful)
  • In Gaim, go to Tools > Buddy Pounce > Set Buddy Pounce
  • Select your IRC account
  • Buddy Name: NickServ
  • Pounce When: Sign on
  • Pounce Action: Send a message (the message is simply "identify [password]")
  • Check "Save this pounce after activation"
  • Click "Save"
  • Voila! Automatic identification. You can use the same technique to automate other repetitive tasks.
  • Of course, if you're the tinfoil hat type, you won't want to be saving your password in plain text on your hard drive. Then again, tinfoil hat types probably won't be using Gaim to connect to IRC in the first place.

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