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Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is an online protocol used to chat in near-realtime. IRC predates instant messaging and is particularly popular among F/OSS developers. uses IRC for meetings and community chats, because

  1. it is an open protocol, and
  2. it is widely supported, including popular F/OSS implementations maintains an IRC channel at #freeculture on server Click here if you have an IRC client installed.

How to use

IRC is widely supported by many programs. Below are a few:

If your ISP attempts to block IRC, there are ways around an IRC block.

Web portal

In addition to the above programs that support IRC, there are various web-based IRC portals, including [1] and [2] from which you can access #freeculture. In the first field, erase the default nickname and enter your name with no spaces. In the second field, make sure that is the selected server. In the third field, erase the default channel and enter #freeculture. Then, press the login button. (If none of the linked portals work, search for more and try them until one works.)

This may be particularly useful if you have trouble connecting via other mechanisms.

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