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April National Summit Talk

Art Show

The Idea

  • Create a show to highlight local artists that use Creative Commons licenses.
  • Hold an opening and show the art in our student center for a month
  • "Real World" CC
  • "Sell" the art to reinforce ideas about meatspace vs. digital space
  • Let artists decide the price and don't take a cut

The Logistics

  • A space where we had access to and could keep up art for a month
  • A space where we could have an opening
  • Reserving the space / asking permission
  • Finding the artists:
    • Friends
    • E-mail lists
    • Local photobloggers
      • Google your area + photoblogger + creative commons
      • E-mail asking nicely
    • Ourselves
  • Explaining our goals
    • CC and the distinctive licenses
    • Encouraging the most "open" or "free" licenses
    • We found artists were picking Non-Commercial a lot
  • Getting the art:
    • The most important part
    • Frames, hangable
    • Max Size, 20" x 30"
    • Licenses

The Who

Karla Soloria Griffin Frazen Alan Paukman Diana Rosenthal Joseph Gergel Eli Halpern Victor King Abby Rosenbaum Will Sherman

How it happened

  • Opening night on one night
  • Free food helps people come (Middle Eastern)
  • An editorial / explanation on the wall
  • Each work has its own little plaque with license icons and prices

Actual Art


What we would have done differently

  • Not specific licesnses
    • PD
    • FDL
    • Others?

Film Remix Contest

The Idea

  • Advocate fair use and expose the difficulties in reusing contemporary "locked down" content. Expose the fact that fair-use is essentially rendered useless because of DRM/CSS.

The Logistics

  • Legal
    • Pro-bono lawyer
    • No direct links, see our waiver
  • Actual Pratical
    • What movies?
      • Matrix
      • Star Wars
      • Lord of the Rings
      • Harry Potter
  • Distribution
    • Bit Torrent
    • Other?

The Who

  • Everyone on the internet

What we would have done differently

  • Trailers not short movies
  • DiVX
  • More time

Alternative Freedom

New York Institute for the Humanities : Comedies of Fair U$e

Ray Beckerman

Q & A

January NYC Summit Talk

Free Culture @ NYU's Work

DRM Protest

WSN Editorial

DRM Boycott Pledge


cc Art Show

Film Remix Contest

  • ... speaking with the lawyer(s) ...

General Concepts for keeping a club together

  • Be idealistic and read a lot.
    • Wired
    • TechDirt
    • CopyFight
    • BoingBoing
    • books / nytimes / etc
  • Bug others to be.
    • Use e-mail efficiently
  • Show up.
    • Obvious
  • Start a blog
    • WordPress
  • Facebook like crazy
    • Cheap mass advertising
    • Search "Lessig" + "Free Culture"
    • Create a group and tend to it
  • Editorials in your School's paper
    • They love it
  • Focus on getting one thing done
  • Blogs are your friends.
    • BoingBoing
    • FreeCulture
    • etc

Q & A