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Some people have been calling for a bulletin board. This is it. Talk amongst yourselves! Learn how to get started on this wiki if you don't already know. Basically, click on "edit this page" in the left-hand menu and add to the discussion. If you don't like the wiki, check out the other ways to contact us.

Hey folks! I'm Nelson Pavlosky from the Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons, one of the founders and sysadmins for Why don't you start off by telling us what you think of the site? -- Nelson 20:13, 11 May 2004 (PDT)

How did you manage to set up such a simple and well-organized site? But, I was just wondering about your position on free culture and peer-to-peer technology. Do people have a right to share information? If there is a limit, where does that limit fall?

Nice articles at Everything2 about "Internet piracy and the working writer", worth checking out. MikeCapone 10:59, 2 Jun 2004 (PDT)