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(Basic Question)
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***Fred speaks to Donna.
***Fred speaks to Donna.
*Free Press
**Free Press
***Elizabeth talk to Marvin

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  • Ask our friendly neighborhood organizations what they would do with 20-odd chapters' help -- from national campaign.

Basic Question

  • "Hi, contacting you on behalf of Free Culture, I'm a member of the board and we are brainstorming ideas for possible national campaigns for our organization and we wanted to contact to your organization for input. Please let us know if you think you could use the help of 20-loosely organized student chapters across the country (and world) in helping your organization. We do local small events and actions the best, but would love to coordinate a large campaign.


Board Member. Chapter @ University. "


    • EFF
    • Public Knowledge
      • Brendan speaks to Alex C.
    • Creative Commons
      • Fred talks to Eric.
    • Digital Freedom
      • Christina speaks to Vijay.
      • Christina talks to Steve W.
    • OLPC
    • Free Software Foundation
      • Elizabeth talks to John / Josh.
    • SPARC
      • Gavin?
    • PLoS
      • Fred speaks to Donna.
    • Free Press
      • Elizabeth talk to Marvin