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Meeting, Part 1 - 03-08-2008

Meeting, Part 2 - 03-09-2008

  • T-shirt ideas:
  • Fred's t-shirt idea
  • Kevin's icons
  • Discuss ways to revamp the Chapter Care Package
  • Launching / Learning, etc? Sections?
    • Actually send care packages.
  • Make on Online DIY SFC Chapter
    • Track down all of our media..
    • We're scrapping pamphlets.
    • The more stickers the better.
    • Put more emphasis on digital.
    • Stencil t-shirt party:
      • Include actual stencils.
      • Laser cut?
      • Jump drive w/ AI files
    • 5 Questions for Your School About Free Culture?
    • DIY Dance Party / BYOMP3
      • Get the labels printed: we supply logo / label design.
      • They supply blank CD spindle.
      • Invite is a Blank CD
      • Cover is the CD.
    • Movie Night: Flash Drive w/ Movies
      • Night of the Living Dead, GCBC, etc.
      • Harry Potter: Audio w/ Harry Potter -- Dear Reader Wizard People
    • Free Culture Potluck
    • Free Software Session
      • gnu/Linux
      • Firefox
      • opencd
    • Free Culture Manual:

Example of Board Meeting Conversation

Students for Free Culture Board Meeting

Tech Questions

  • Add Skype / Gizmo Project info to User page

Actionable Items


  • Phone bank by Mar 22
  • Contact friendly orgs by Mar 22
  • Check in with board re: ftp
  • Grant writing
    • Create list of material needs
    • Identify specific projects that need funding
      • Facilitator
  • Thoughts on the future? ( leading toward 501c3, incorporation )
  • Incorporation (tonight!)
  • T-shirts
    • Pass along idea to Busted Tees
    • Dean will try to hook up with artists that have contrib to PCF
    • Cut copy paste t (mock up by kevin)
    • Create stencil pack (re: Brown)
      • GRL/ITP laser cutters
    • Other all-over print ideas that might be easier than tees
      • String backpacks and "hobo" style bags
      • Louis-style Scarves
  • New Bank Account
    • many branches, few fees
    • Elizabeth + Fred are on it
  • Conference in Fall (East coast? Anyone offering?)
    • Give people a chance to meet board members in the fall.
    • Then election is in the Spring.
  • Facebook
  • [Calendar]


  • Suggest Board election be an annual event at the start of Spring semester
    • Campaigning over Winter breaks
    • Elections in February
  • Next Phone meeting Wednesday, March 26, 2pm
  • Next IRL Meeting April 27, Boston


  • Brendan proposes that we begin the incorporation and the 501(c)3 process.
    • All in favor, none opposed.
  • Kevin proposes that we incorporate in Massachusetts
    • All in favor, none opposed.