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You can run for a max of 2 roles. Order them by preference.
===Parker Phinney===
===Parker Phinney===

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Working Groups


Here's the scoop:

Each board seat is responsible for coordinating one of the below working groups. Some working groups may be just one person, in which case the coordinator would just take on all of its responsibility. But ideally we will have a healthy group of volunteers at the national level, and the board will simply be in charge of making sure that things run smoothly. Having a board member coordinating each of these groups ensures that there is some "last line of defense" and a clear set of responsibilities that ensure that each of these roles are filled.

  • treasurer
    - also helps keep track of the rest of the board
  • external coordination / campaign coordination
   - Survey for regional, national, and global campaign ideas/projects
   - Alumni reachout/spreadsheet
   - Reach out with nonprofits
  • new members and chapter coordination
   - mentors (esp. alum!)
   - manages chapter database
   - can have a couple individuals helping this person, 'ambassadors'
  • conference planning / project management
  • webteam


  • point person (someone should nominate self (or board elects) to take this position when they get one below after elections)


You can run for a max of 2 roles. Order them by preference.

Parker Phinney


Running for: new members/chapters coordinator, conference lead, webmaster



Running for: [Roles running for, in order of preference]