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'''Running for: Supreme ruler, web master, village idiot'''
'''Running for: new members/chapters coordinator, conference lead, webmaster'''

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  • treasurer
    - also helps keep track of the rest of the board
  • external coordinator / campaign coordinator
   - Survey for regional, national, and global campaign ideas/projects
   - Alumni reachout/spreadsheet
   - Reach out with nonprofits
  • new members and chapter coordinator
   - mentors (esp. alum!)
   - manages chapter database
   - can have a couple individuals helping this person, 'ambassadors'
  • conference lead / project manager
  • webmaster/webteam lead
    - web team


  • point person (someone should nominate self (or board elects) to take this position when they get one below after elections)


Parker Phinney


Running for: new members/chapters coordinator, conference lead, webmaster



Running for: [Roles running for, in order of preference]