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A list organizations that stand for the principles of Free Culture and open access.

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit group of lawyers, technologists, and everyday people working to protect our digital rights.
  • Public Knowledge is an advocacy group working to defend our rights in the emerging digital culture.
  • Creative Commons presents an voluntary licensing system for copyright, the Creative Commons licences, which allow collobaration among artists across the world.
  • Downhill Battle works to end the major label monopoly on music.
  • IPac is a political action committee dedicated to preserving individual freedom through balanced intellectual property policy.
  • Wikimedia's various projects focus on citizen journalism.
  • Teleread advocates "Well-Stocked National Digital Libraries".
  • Click the Vote is an independent grassroots non-profit group fighting for new technology user rights.

Free Software

  • Free Software Foundation (FSF) is the birthplace of the free software movement. Approaches the issue of software from the perspective of freedom.
  • Open Source Iniative maintains the Open Source Definition. Approaches the issue of software from a more practical perspective.

Blogs and News

  • Copyfight is a copyright issues news blog.
  • Slashdot is a general technology blog ("News for Nerds") which often touches on copyright and patent issues.
  • LawMeme is a "law and technology weblog affiliated with Yale Law School".


Here are some people who often make headlines regarding free culture issues.

  • Lawrence Lessig is the author of Free Culture, a professor at Stanford Law School, chair of Creative Commons and a boardmember of the EFF.
  • Richard Stallman is president of the Free Software Foundation and founder of the GNU Project.

Groups to Watch


Open Content

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