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Bug Check-in (5 minutes)

  • chapter aggregator - pyrak
  • sensitive data purgin from svn - paulproteus
 Checking right now
  • forum frontend to mailing list bug - pyrak
 ** switch to phorum
 ** going to do tonight

getting astory better permissions on the launchpad site so that he can change the status of bugs

  • asheesh (done)

For next time:

 *fix chapter hosting - pyrak
 **chapter db planet subscriptions
 * subscribe to mailing list link

Meeting Schedule (15 minutes) meetings:

  • 7pm, fortnightly (every other week)
  • on off weeks, we check in by email, ideally squash a couple bugs

Git Proposal comments (15 minutes)

  • There are some minor issues
  • We will use Gitorious for hosting, and not run a git-daemon locally
  • We will break the existing repository into smaller repositories during migration
  • Astory will try to handle it this week

Parker's todo list

  • fix chapter hosting
    • make it so that from the chapter db you can add something to the planet and it'll "just work"
  • add a nice bug huge enormous "subscribe to our list" link
  • tell the world about our calendar