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=== Log ===
=== Log ===
* [[[2011-03-06/Log]]
* [[2011-03-06/Log]]

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Webteam Upcoming Meeting Agenda Introductions! (5 minutes)

  • pyrak
  • astory
  • paulproteus
  • jeremyb
  • skyfaller

Management (5-10 minutes):

  • What do you want Alec to do, again?
    • run meetings (this rocks)
    • Set the goals for the team
    • Work with volunteers for us to achieve it
      • That includes pinging people as needed, and adjusting other people's expectations if we need to decide that we can't
    • make sure that emailed requests get done
    • recruit new members
  • What nagginess parameter
    • Remember to give feedback!
  • What stuff does Alec need to learn about?
    • Webteam activities
      • blog
      • mailing list
      • wiki
      • other website
      • Noteshub
    • which webserver we're using, who to contact for solving various problems.
  • Don't vanish!
  • Maintain illusion of activity
    • Keep threads on mailing list
    • Launchpad/svn activity posting? IRC?

Bugs (10-15 minutes):

  • Wikislowness - how to prevent in future
    • parser cache (done?)
    • caching proxy
  • Wiki editing bugs - fixed?
  • chapter aggregator - pyrak

Version Control of the Website (10-15 minutes):

  • Is the current situation acceptable?
  • Does the scaling work for the current number of editors? What about more?
  • Should we move to a dvcs? (git?)
  • Update hooks for website state? (what does this mean?)
  • Patch: nightly svn diff from install, mail to webteam
  • Access controls are a problem
  • astory: make a proposal for moving to git
    • Want to have a clone-and-run-locally setup

Just a note to everyone: this wiki page is your friend: http://wiki.freeculture.org/Website_documentation (it's in the footer of the main website)