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This meeting will occur at 10 PM Eastern (7 PM Pacific) in #freeculture.


IMPORTANT: Develop a user-friendly chapter/contact registration form

We really need to find out each contact's t-shirt size yesterday, so that we can ship t-shirts. Finishing the chapter/contact registration system would be extremely helpful, can we get it done like today?

  • The new form must replicate the functionality of the old form, including:
    • Sending an e-mail to every time someone registers, containing the content of the registration form.
    • Automatically subscribing each "contact" to the Chapters list (or at least automatically sending an e-mail requesting a subscription).
  • The new form should make it drop dead easy for a contact to edit their own information, and similarly easy to edit their own chapter's info.
  • We need to add a field for each "contact" to put in their own t-shirt size. Since many people have already registered without putting in their t-shirt size, we need them to edit their own contact info to include their t-shirt size.

Chapter webspace in general, blogs in particular

  • Swarthmore needs to get its blog moved to FC.o right away, it's been spammed to death and ruined.
  • What would the ideal chapter blog look like? Let's make a model blog (based on UF's blog?) and make every new chapter website spawn with those default features.
  • Are there chapters who want webspace who don't have it yet? How can we make it drop dead easy to get hosting with us for your chapter?

Possible agenda items

  • Semantic MediaWiki (grahl + paulproteus)
  • Chapter registration / automation
  • Your point of interest
  • Move increasingly toward OpenID integration with
  • Use ticketing system as suggested on Launchpad
  • Fixes for Wordpress Importer