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Web Team

  • leader - Chris Wilkinson
  • backend programmers/hackers
    • Asheesh
    • Nicholas
    • Abhay
    • Xopher
  • frontend web designers
    • Greg @ MIT (needs to be put on Web Team)

Graphics team

  • leader - Karen
  • artists
    • Greg @ MIT?
    • Aphid's friends?
    • Fred Benenson?
    • Megan Raley's classmates?
  • graphic designers

Blog team

  • leader
  • news bloggers
  • op-ed bloggers

Press team

  • leader / PR person - Xopher
  • press release writers
  • people to distribute press releases and contact possibly interested reporters

Fundraising / Finances

  • leader
  • treasurer -- Wing-Yee Pavlosky
  • grantwriters
  • merch department
  • donations?


  • leader - Christina Xu of Harvard
  • people to find interested parties at other schools and try to recruit them
  • people to write recruiting materials


  • leader
  • liasons with related adult groups, such as Creative Commons, EFF, PK, etc.
  • liasons with less obviously related groups, e.g. consumer rights groups, political parties


  • Discussion of Goals for the national organization
    • Main purpose: To start new chapters and help them out once they get started
  • Things that need doing
    • Website overhaul: Cwilkin is in charge. Reports that webteam is working on bugs and hopes that most of them will drop by next week.
    • Funding: the conference will burn existing money, how do we get more?
      • We should look into grants from wherever
      • Selling t-shirts? From Downhillbattle store or move to a chapter and have them take care of it?
        • It would be easier for us to sell Tshirts through DHB since 1) they have the existing shirts, 2) the webteam at is understaffed right now, and 3) it's a pain to deal with merchandise and orders!
        • What about Creative Commons?
  • Jobs that need people
    • Mailing lists for the teams to facilitate communication
    • Distribution of monkeys
  • Agenda for next week