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Conference call at 6pm on Sunday.


We've loitered too long: we need to get back to doing the work of Local chapters are great and important, but they will be at a serious disadvantage if FC.o doesn't exist. We need to turn the tide: to complete back tasks and start moving forward. We know what we need to do to make FC.o viable in the long term. But we need workers to do it.

On today's call we'll talk about what FC.o needs to do and try to divy up those tasks.

Standing tasks

We will be using the Todo page to coordinate unfinished tasks. From there, we will enumerate all the various tasks that need to get done, both un-done one-time tasks and standing / recurring tasks.

Here are some important jobs we need help with immediately:

  • Website: There are a number of un-finished tasks on the Web site, including:
    1. Install BattleCart so DHB can take over our shirt orders.
    2. Add prominent link to shirt shopping page.
    3. Update shirt shopping page.
  • T-shirts:
    1. Follow-up on previous shipments, making sure the right packages arrived at their destinations.
    2. Create a list of packages that need to be shipped.
    3. Re-order shirts, including XL size.
  • Outreach:
    1. Follow-up on contacts, see if they need help, etc.
    2. Draft Canada recruitment e-mail.


CopyNight is our first national project for the year. CopyNight is a great project started by Ren from the EFF to help build social capital around the idea of copyright reform. It's a monthly meet-up in bars across America that provides a neutral, non-threatening environment to start establishing relationships among lawyers, technologists, artists, activists, academics, etc. -- to build the social networks that strengthen our work and develop into political clout.

We are asking each Free Culture chapter to start a CopyNight in their city or join one in the area. You can do this even if you don't have a chapter.

What we need:

  • A guide for chapters.
    • Explain succintly what CopyNight is and why we're doing it
    • How to host a CopyNight
    • Flyers that students can print and post on campus and in the area
    • Hints on who to invite and how to invite them (e.g. pre-made e-mails)
    • A press release that students can send to their local media
  • A blog post about what we're doing and why
  • A project leader to overview progress and maintain contacts
  • Someone to contact extant CopyNights and ask for their advice

Note: CopyNight provides some resources for hosts.

Jimbo Wales

Our second national project: Jimbo, the founder of Wikipedia, has expressed interest in doing a college speaking tour. The earliest this could happen is the spring, but we need to start preparing now.

What we need:

  • A project leader
  • Someone to contact Jimbo and get more information about his availability, prices, requirements, etc.
  • A guide for chapters
    • Explain why we want to bring Jimbo to speak at our campuses
    • How to bring Jimbo: where to get money, etc.
    • A "proposal packet" for prospective funders

Note: Jimbo already has some college dates scheduled that we may be able to piggy-back on.


Proper formatting coming tomorrow Present: Kevin from University of Florida Pedro from University of Florida Nelson from Swarthmore Erek from Swarthmore Nick from Franklin & Martial Karen from Skripps College, Clarement California Aphid from UC Santa Cruz Elizabeth Eldo

Kevin: We need to get more people working on housekeeping and projects in order to keep the national group going.

Tried to recruit more people and the more people that there were, the less got done.

We need a more take-charge leadership style. We need to have less discussion and more action. Don't have the luxury of wasting time on deliberation.

Wiki page todo from the agenda. From that page we are basically going to build every thing that needs to get done.

Couple of standing tasks:

  • Issues with website (Need backend support) will send more tasks to webteam list
    **Email to get on the web team email list
    **Especially need people who know backend stuff.
    **Aphid, Karen, Erek would like to be on the list.

Web team needs to keep each other coordinated via the wiki.

  • Tee-shirts. Shipped some stuff. We have not had a chance to follow up on them and make sure they got in the right place. Need someone to go through our contacts to make sure everyone got the shirts they need. Need to know who needs stuff sent to them. Karen will work on verifying order fullfilment

We need to re-order X-Large shirts. Contact person is Fred for this. Pedro will work on re-ordering shirts.


  • Someone should go through everyone who has contacted us saying they want to start a group. Followup, check on status, see if they need any other information, etc.

*Someone should change the email addresses on the blogs to obfuscate the email addresses. *Elizabeth will coordinate with Nelson to follow up with international people interested in starting chapters. *We could still use volunteers to coordinate with people in the states who want to start chapters.

Copynight Copynight is a project to get people to meet in bars (or restaurants, coffeeshops, etc.) to talk about copyright reform. Creates a non-threatening environment to start social networks. Create some resources to make it easier. Maybe a web-packet with all the information that someone needs. Tells them how to do it, sample flyer, etc. Interested Parties: Elizabeth will design the flyer. We need someone else to write a blurb. Tabled to next call

Jimbo Wales This person would be an ideal match for what we're about. We need someone to help facilitate us getting him to as many schools as possible. Someone needs to contact him to find out the details. Elizabeth will work with Nelson to get Jimbo Wales to speak at as many schools as possible. Eldo will ask Carrie if they have a press packet for Jimbo for us to present to speaker's boards. If Jimbo does not have a press packet, someone should make one up.

Someone posted to the core list and said “Are you interested in bringing Jimbo?� and only one person replied. Elizabeth will send an email to the core list and the list of prospective people.

Proposal packet for Jimbo Wales. We should have someone put together a press packet Proposal Packet We would like a sample proposal packet with infor

People Interested in Bringing Jimbo Elizabeth Nelson from Swarthmore Aphid from Santa Cruz

Chapter Business: Aphid: Most of the people in the chapter aren't back yet. We have a couple local events planned. Several screenings. Starting a few workshop tutorials in gimp, inkspot, etc. One day circuit bending workshop. Website got hacked and knocked offline. Elizabeth or Karen?: Filling out applications. By next week will be able to get things solid. A couple friends have offered to be around when she needs help. Hoping to organize a copynight. Nick from F&M: Had a presence at the activities fair. about 10 freshmen are interested. Lost a lot of people last semester. Getting funding to bring Lessig here. Getting a local person to speak on open GIS. Got money earmarked for Vans for a trip to DC or another group. Kevin from UofF: The school year started two to three weeks. Did a “Free your PC� event. Cleaned up the spyware, installed open software, and gave them lots of propoganda from EFF, etc. Doing Copynight in October. Trying to bring Jimbo. Film Screenings. Trying to get people to make mix CDs and swap them. Nelson: Planning on a pirate party. A media server. Working with the library to get a Creative Commons Bookshelf with books that are of interest to our group.

Possible future project: A free culture conference at a chapter, or a hill day.

Policy clarification: Students should use webspace or on-campus webspace.