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Another conference call for those starting a Free Culture chapter.

17 August 2005, 10 p.m. EST


Anthony, Sarah from CCA, Thessaly La Force from Columbia, Gavin, Nelson, Andy Scudder, and Julian at UCR


New Members

  • Thessaly is a Senior at Columbia
    • Met Nelson through Fred
  • Sarah Hromack is 1st year grad student at CCA
  • Julian is a student at the University of California Riverside
    • Got to know Lessig and his ideas, is interested in starting a chapter/donating some time for the org.
  • Anthony is a freshman at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
    • Got involved in Linux, open source and free software, and then found out about Lessig's Free Culture and found the org.
    • Question: what was the best way to get new people to join your group?

Current Members

  • Gavin Baker at U Florida
    • Got interested in Free Culture around the whole Dmitry Sklyarov, got interested in the conflict of rights with technology which lead to Free Culture and the org
  • Eldo is at U Florida as well
    • Heard about Free Culture on boingboing with the Diebold case and was contacted by Gavin last fall about starting a group
  • Nelson is a Sophmore at Swarthmore
    • Got interested in Linux and open source software, saw Lessig's presentation on Free Culture, and founded the SCDC which became Free

Q&A On Starting a New Chapter

What is the best way to find new members?

  • All depends on the atmosphere of the school
  • Look for people who may already be interested
  • Contact EVERYONE
  • Facebook
  • Flyering

What's the best way to explain Free Culture to potential members?

  • Find a strong starting point, like an existing point of interest (Open Source, downloading music, blogging, etc.)
  • Teach by example (CC license creative works, writing/distributing free software, showing public domain films, etc.)

What happens at a typical Free Culture campus meeting

  • All depends on the school
  • Play to the interests of the group (If artsy - creative works, if technical - free software, etc.)
  • Show presentations (Lessig perhaps), hold lectures (RMS' speeches maybe) or debates, etc.

Has anyone contacted their college radio station? With what success?

  • Hasn't really been done yet, however, it would be very beneficial.
  • Play CC licensed music, illegal art, just about anything that demonstrates Free Culture.

How to avoid student apathy?

  • Keep participants involved!