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First conference call of August!



  • Who is starting a chapter this semester? Who is continuing a chapter from last semester?

How to start a chapter

Fred, Rebekah, Nelson, and Gavin will talk about their experiences starting chapters (and anyone else who wants to)

  • How do you start a chapter at your school? How do you get people to join?
  • What do chapters do? What happens at meetings? What's been successful for current chapters? Do you have any ideas for cool events?
  • Would you advise coordinating efforts with other student groups? Which ones, and how?

What will do to help?

  • We will ship you lots of literature and goodies
  • We will provide every chapter with a mailing list, blog, and wiki

Who needs stuff shipped to them, and who needs web stuff set up for them? We must make sure that someone keeps a list, and that your needs are taken care of.