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Just another Sunday Conference call... July 10, 2005.


Getting more people involved

How can we get more people to join the organization, with a minimum of effort?

  • AIM meeting
    • Easy to invite people... just invite whoever you see on your buddy list who might be interested in the movement.
    • Many non-geeks already use AIM.
  • Get an outreach coordinator

Getting more people doing work

How can we get more people to do things for

  • Each person should have a public to-do list on the wiki, perhaps like mine: Nelson. Advantages include:
    • Other people can edit it (or at least make suggestions on your Talk page)
    • It's specifically for stuff, not all your personal to-dos.
    • You can track what everyone is doing through the Special:Recentchanges page
    • It might get more people using the wiki, which would be a good thing
    • It would get more people used to the wiki software (if you don't know how to use Mediawiki, perhaps you should look through the Wikipedia introduction)
  • There should be more lists of tasks and jobs on the wiki which people can take up
  • People should make a time commitment, perhaps starting with one hour a week and working their way up. I'm going to start with a commitment of two hours a day, and work my way up from there, but other people don't have to follow my possibly extreme example. -- Nelson 16:22, 10 Jul 2005 (EDT)


  • Elizabeth and Fred have submitted the abstract along with a bunch of media for inclusion on their CD.
  • We're in the process of researching Hotels/Airfare. Looks like either the Boardwalk or Hard Rock Cafe
  • Going to start work on actual lecture this week.


mono_standing_front.jpg back_standing_almost4.jpg

  • Fred is going to order shirts tomorrow at CC with money raised from HBTY funraiser:
  • 200 Shirts, CC might pick up the entire tab even if our money runs a bit short. Fred will talk with Fran @ CC tomorrow.
  • Speak now or forever hold your peace regarding the design.


Attendance: Matt, Ben Li, Nelson, Stephen, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Melody, Fred, Eldo, Andy, Sid

Gavin is in Canada this week meeting with FC-related people.


  • Matt is the new webmaster. Hi Matt!
  • Web site is using plone for static pages
  • Matt welcomes you to add TODO items to his user page
  • Blog aggregator created

International groups

  • Met Andy in Canada, who is interested in a Canadian FC organization
    • Issues: Could kill FC name with actions
    • We can treat intl orgs at the moment like we do locals: mostly independent
  • international groups: message should be same across borders, even if activities are otherwise independent
    • Legally independent as local groups are currently
    • list of things we care about and don't care about

Getting more people involved

  • hey, we need to expand
  • AIM meeting to bring in more people
    • Nelson reports success with a Swarthmore AIM meeting for brainstorming
    • ours is at Wednesday 10pm EDT by the way
  • (welcome Melody)
  • create global task lists, TODO lists on user pages for each person
    • cross out instead of deleting from TODO (<strike>like this</strike>)
  • "Office hours": everyone working on it at the same time
    • last time, everyone ended up chatting on IRC instead
  • blog team to keep things happening on the blog
    • Matt volunteers
    • should be more of a commentary blog than the announcement blog it is now
  • many people have taken a job because they were asked
    • create more team leaders

(I cut out here)

Email nomenclature, blog

  • forward cron output to Matt, make freedom a separate account
  • everyone on core should have a blog
  • maybe blog team leader should be separate from web, but it is Matt for the moment

T-shirt design

  • design by committee is too hard
  • on the back: bad because of hair
  • on the sleeve: maybe too small
  • current design graphics looks good
    • 3 colors means more expense (+3/shirt perhaps)
  • Fred and Elizabeth will confer on the design
  • (Fred made some open-source beer, and Nelson thinks we should sell it as a fundraiser)
  • should have on the front
    • FC.o-specific design


  • Why the people there should get more involved with copyright/patent issues
  • going to be self-promoting around the conference