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Conference call on 7 p.m. EST, 03 July 2005.


Week In Review

  • Grokster
  • Gavin's out of town
  • Mailing list changes
  • Reminder to Wiki more!

Gavin's Farewell Homework

  • This is a good guideline on what he has left on the table, and what we have to do. Anything up yet?
  • Finish and post the Grokster FAQ
  • Finish and post an About page
  • Finish and post an FC.o FAQ
  • Make a decision on mission activities
  • Make a decision on organizational structure
  • Get started on making the by-laws
  • Work with some of the people who contacted us to improve the look of the Web site
  • Make some progress on the organizing manual and activist packet
  • Print T-shirts


  • Wiki Page @ Jobs
  • Haven't defined all responsibilities yet
  • Still need more volunteers/need to assign more people
  • Check out the Wiki and edit accordingly
  • Important someone needs to pickup the Finance/paperwork responsibilities now that Gavin's away


  • When do we need this out? When do we need to make a decision?
  • Who is on this right now?


  • What's going on here?
  • Banner?

Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement Wiki Page @ Mission Statement
  • Check in your Comments/Proposals in the Wiki

Research into other Orgs