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  • Nelson
  • Gavin
  • Abhay
  • Stephen Compall from U Evansville, filling in for Andy Scudder b/c Andy will be in Britain next semester.

Activist Packet

Should we start from scratch or revise what we have. What can we scrap? We should consider a full reorganization of the packet itself. says, first thing should be an FAQ. We NEED to make sure our mission statement is solidified. It's not just for our packet but also for everything else. We also NEED to have a solid FAQ and About page done on our webpage.

Meeting with Reed Hundt

Find out of he's available for an advisory role and also ask if he's available for a board of directors but we are not at all ready to ask about the directoral role since we don't have a structure. Email Nelson with questions we should ask him.

Overall Structure Issues

What's the purpose of the steering committee?
We need a solid group of people from the core team who will be responsible for decisions regarding incorporation and organizational issues including structure. This entity will be a transitory. In order to get our national organization on its feet, this committee must be be actively engaged in discussion. The steering committee will be called upon by the core when these issues come up but the core will continue as it has in the past. This structure will be active until August 14 by which decisions for organizational structure must be completed.
Who should be on the steering committee?

  • Be a member of the core team.
  • Have to agree to keep up with all content of the core list.
  • Have to be available until the end of the summer.
  • Must respond in two days after a call for a decision.
  • One warning for a lack of response. The second infraction will be a removal from the steering committee.
    • Obvious extenuating circumstances will be accepted but please let us us know that you can't make it. We're all friends here.
    • If you would like return, all current members of the steering committee must accept your re-entry
  • Anyone who meet this criterea can join the steering committee at anytime during this summer.
  • Anyone may leave the steering committee at anytime if you find that you can't meet the requirements.


  • FAQ:
    • Should only be about FC.o, not about free culture in general.
    • Questions need to be answered concisely.
    • Separate Misconceptions and Myths
    • Assigned to Gavin. Edits will be done by Core team.
  • Mission Statement


  • Abhay is the new Web team leader. He will take care of all the organization for FC.o's web presence until the end of the summer (August 14) by which we should have a definiate permanent person for the year.
    • First act will be cleanup and changing the passwords to many things. Expect this soon and you may begin hounding Abhay now with requests for access to your pet projects.

New core team member

  • Let's all welcome Stephen Compall to the core team. Hi Stephen!

Minutes taken by Abhay Kumar