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Discuss the future of FC.o here. I don't have the time to do all the work to put all the collected info about this topic here at the moment, but feel free to do so yourself. Collect up your emails, your AIM logs, your poor and oppressed, and bring them to these shores.

  • What should, as an organization, look like?
    • FC.o should shift from a Web-based, command-and-control model to a chapter-based, participatory model. The role of FC.o should be primarily to facilitate the forming of new chapters, the expansion and improvement of current chapters, and collaboration between chapters. The Core is there to decide how they can help chapters, not to decide what to ask chapters to help with. e.g. If there is a need for it, FC.o should produce educational / propaganda material on X subject; FC.o should not ask or tell chapters to do or participate in a campaign on X subject. Action should come from the chapters and individual members, from the bottom up. This would be a gradual shift, probably extending over the length of the semester or longer. -- Gavin
    • Unfortunately, due to the nature of a lot of the issues and campaigns surrounding the free culture movement, I'm not sure if it is the best idea to leave all of the campaigns for the chapters themselves to develop. This is not to say that the chapters may not develop their own individual campaigns, but there is a need for guidance from the national organization regarding the direction and the goals of the chapters. In addition, many chapters may not have the time nor the expertise to develop extensive campaigns of their own. -- elizabeth