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so here's what i propose in order to get organised, as far as our wiki goes

site roadmap

 map of the FINISHED website, so that we know what we are working towards
 lists pages, subpages, etc
 GOAL of each page, including contents, forms where applicable, etc

an extensive to do list

 i know we already have one
 it probably just needs to be updated, but i think it should serve as an extended list of ALL changes that it has been decided need to be made

so, let me just kinda start throwing down the format of the site map (throw in wiki tags later)

main site

 goal: welcome the visitor without scaring him/her, provide the links to get someone who knows where theyre going there fast
   blogroll for national blog and chapter blogs
   form to register for the mailing list
   a whole list of other freeculture related links
get involved
contact us


bug tracker

anyway, this is just an idea of how you may want to format it, feel free to hack this up, but i'm sure you understand the basic idea here, and remember, the idea is to have an updated map of the IDEAL site.