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This page tracked the status of our recovery from's loss of much of our data. To make things worse, weren't doing backups then.

We now do backups, thank God.

If there's stateful tracking information we need to be able to reference, keep it here. This complements, not replaces, our Launchpad bug tracking.

Mailing lists

  • announce: membership restored, needs archives
  • santacruz: membership restored, needs archives
  • summit2006: membership restored, needs archives
  • chapters: membership restored, needs archives
  • board: membership restored, waiting on archives

  • webteam: waiting on leafyhost to give us membership and archives
  • discuss: waiting on leafyhost to give us membership and archives
  • core: waiting on leafyhost to give us archives (membership is being rebooted)

Do we care about other lists?

Spam / Notifications thereof

All spam should be auto-discarded (or auto-rejected if that can be done silently somehow). Realistically, the best method we have of silently stopping spam and eliminating the "spam moderation overhead" is auto-discarding all non-member posts. Asheesh is doing this.


Right now we're borrowing space from Soon we'll move to Asheesh's new Japan server.


  • Fred likes 1and1. I hear they're slow from my friend Chris, but I'll take reliability for sure.
    • I don't think they offer the integration necessary to have shared accounts use Mailman for mailing lists. Fred might think otherwise.

Either way

  • We'll do backups. Asheesh will make sure of cold backups and would like to see himself set up a "warm backup" system.


Add-on domains