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The concept is to create a video introducing students involved with the Free Culture movement.

What is the function of the video?

  • Video introduces a widespread student movement. The idea of filming footage of chapter founders in their different environments shows how people are coming together from many different places.
  • Chapter representatives should give a brief explanation of their specific group and how it fits into their school. It would be interesting to show how groups may have very different projects but all share the common theme of free culture.
  • A part of the video (or all) may be information on several chapters. An example of shots from Colby College:
    • Initial shot of Me outside in the snow in front of the library. I say, "Welcome to Free Culture at Colby College."
    • Shoot as much or little footage of things going on on campus. The more you offer, the better.
    • Headshot of me talking about who I am and what's going on at Colby with regard to Free Culture.
    • Headshot or farther away shot of me doing something or just one of those shots like they have of newscasters standing and smiling and looking alive. They are fun.

The video should:

  • History of movement (briefly)
  • Make us look big and cool and everywhere

Technical guidelines:

  • Shoot in MiniDV

Questions: The best way to structure the monologues would be to decide on common questions for each person to enter as if they were being interviewed.

  • Example interviewer questions:
    • Why did you get involved with Free Culture?
    • What makes Free Culture on your campus unique?
    • Please describe your school briefly.
      • Do we want to have the speaker talk about their school or have graphics that give info about the schools? For example, at the beginning of each clip, we could have text at the bottom of the screen that says:
        speaker's name
        school name
        city, state
      • If we did this, it'd be redundant to say it aloud. However, a little subtitle like that couldn't give information about the size of the school, whether private or public, what type of university (liberal arts, research, women's, HBCU, etc.) We could display a brief slide before each video clip with that information, though. However we want to do it. -- Gavin 20:08, 27 Jan 2005 (EST)

From Jan. 28 call minutes

  • Mike has not produced a storyboard
  • Jeremy will be director
  • Demographic information of school will go in graphics
    • subtitle at beginning of each group's clip
      • speaker's name
      • school name
      • city, state
    • slide before each clip
      • map with location of school
      • student enrollment
      • public or private
      • coed or single-gender
      • established date