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Hi folks, I'm S11001001, and this is my user page!

Check out my Wikipedia userpage and my blog

To-do list

  • I'm rewriting the Free Culture Manifesto with Nelson. Update: See Free Culture Manifesto/July 2005 edition for my current progress.
  • Hmm. I had a note here about Comment on 37 CFR Part 202, but it disappeared.
  • Fill out the Evansville Free Culture page a little for the new semester.
  • Clear out FC.o email boxes.
  • Read Practical Common Lisp. I've known Lisp for 3 years, but only recently became confident enough to ignore popularity when I read one of Paul Graham's myriad diatribes against worrying too much about it. So I dumped all the Perl code for QMP.
  • Following the previous, I'm working on the problem of bringing more artists to the table, as we seem to be computer- and law-geek-heavy at the moment. To that end, Q Media Pond is a web-based application with two aspects: it allows artists to build new culture on each other's work in a "microcommons", and helps them showcase their work as a group. This will be the official UE Free Culture site, and posting new work and comments will probably only be open to UE students; however, the software will be available for other interested chapters to install.
    • There are many technical sub-tasks involved in QMP; if you're interested, talk to me. Please note that I will not be looking for help or even releasing the software until it is almost ready for initial deployment.