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NameName::Andy Scudder
School U Evansville
Location Indiana
Program Internet Technology
Class of 2008
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E-mail Email::as309 at
AIM AIM::scud404
Website [[Uri::{{{website}}}| ]] [{{{website}}} {{{website}}}]

I am Andy Scudder, a Freshman at the University of Evansville studying Internet Technology.

My To-do List

  • Help with the Activist Packet
  • Blog about my experience talking to musicans at Cornerstone about CC
  • Contact FreeCulture people in the UK for the fall semester
  • Get AMPatarini's contact information and invite him to the Wednesday online chat.
    • E-Mailed Anthony
    • Got reply back, can attend Wednesday's chat. Completed.

Contact Information


as309 at

Instant Message

  • AIM: Scud404
  • ICQ: 115691260
  • Yahoo!: Scudmissilep
  • MSN:
  • Jabber: