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NameName::Karen Rustad
School Scripps College
Location Arlington, VA
Program Media Studies
Class of 2008
Hometown Edina, MN
AIM AIM::silverpiano3477

Whoa, it's Karen's page!

Hi, I'm Karen Rustad, founder and former president of Free Culture 5C (out in Claremont, CA). I'm an alumna of Scripps College who majored in Media Studies. I like indie music, meteorology, and webcomics, among other things. Right now I am serving as chair of the Core Team.

To do:

  • Finish Chapter Kickstarter
    • Personally email chapters/poke people for event summaries
    • Make Nelson write a thing on "how to be an awesome activist"
    • Go through the Media Dump for sample flyers
  • Make a new SFC pamphlet
    • Find a time to work with Nelson on writing copy
    • Pick out pictures/make new graphics
    • Find out how much it would cost to print
    • Ask the board for funding to print it
  • Update SFC website copy
    • Probably will use some writing from the chapter kickstarter to do this
  • Blog Sparky Awards