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NameName::Christina Ducruet
School Brown University Class of 2008
Location CT
Program Modern Culture & Media
Class of 2008
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AIM AIM::stina5252
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I graduated in from Brown University in May 2008 with a degree in Modern Culture and Media. During the spring of 2007, I founded Brown Free Culture with small group of Brown students as the final project of a class called "Open Source Culture." In the process of launching Brown Free Culture, Brown students were nailed with the RIAA law suits that took place at 22 other universities that spring. Lucky for us, unlucky for him, the TA for the course, Zachary McCune (another SFC activist), was the recipient of one such suit. We had the perfect opportunity to make our mission clear and with little time left in the school year, we did. Brown Free Culture went on to work with Digital Freedom's campus campaign in Fall 2007. I became increasingly involved with Students for Free Culture in the process of starting Brown Free Culture, helping to coordinate volunteer efforts, manage press, and foster relationships with other organizations such as the Digital Freedom Campaign and EDUCAUSE. I am very proud to serve on the SFC Board of Directors where I get to work on the future of the organization and work on how best to support our community and make an impact within the Free Culture movement at large. I loved meeting more of this community at #fc2008 and I already can't wait for #fc2009!