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This page may need a bit of an update because Bloglines just massively redesigned their user interface.

  1. Go to and set up a (free) account
  2. Now you need an RSS feed to add to Bloglines. Bloglines will suggest a few. I unsubscribed to most of those and looked for my own. There are various RSS finding aids, but let's just focus on the FC.O blog for now, unless you have a few more that interest you.
  3. Now let's add this feed to Bloglines.
    • Inside Bloglines, go to Manage Subscriptions
    • Follow this link, and where it says URL: Paste (the entire URL, including the "resource.xml" part)
    • Then click the "Subscribe" button. (For right now, don't worry about OPL or Folder. You can learn about those later.)
  4. Read the Feed

Now you can read headlines and summaries from the blogs you are subscribed to. (Some blogs supply you with the full text of their entries, and some blogs, such as Dilbert, provide images, as well.)

You should now be at the main reading window for Bloglines. The blog will be on the left, in the subscription pane. Click on the title (it is probably bolded). The summaries of the feeds display on the right.


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