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Bylaws_RC2#Section_1.1.1._Annual_Elections tells us that:

  • Members of any chapter (as defined by the chapter) and current members of the board of directors can nominate themselves or other eligible individuals for board positions.
  • Members of any chapter (as defined by the chapter) and current members of the board of directors shall be eligible to stand for election to the board. There is no limit to the number of terms that a person may serve on the board. If the Coordinator wants to run for the Board, they must resign from the Coordinator position first.

That explains the corrections that I made to Elizabeth's text, as you can see if you check the article's history.

I still think that the "as defined by a chapter" loophole is a bit of a problem: what is to prevent a chapter from defining everyone in the world as their members, including convicted felons, members of the RIAA, and senile great-grandfathers? That said, so long as the board is small enough and there is enough competition for seats, odds are that the chapters would vote down an RIAA representative who ran for our board. The current board could also eject a chapter that counted RIAA reps as chapter members. Still, I am a bit concerned about having clear limits on who can serve on the board of directors for Students for Free Culture, especially in situations where there isn't enough competition for whatever reason. I think we really need to define chapter members in the bylaws instead of leaving it up to the chapters... I would support a definition like "currently attending the school that the chapter is associated with, on an exchange program from that school, or has attended that school in the past year and a half." I guess I'll have to propose that as an amendment when amendment time comes around. -- Nelson 12:59, 15 October 2007 (JST)

I am thoroughly enjoying reloading the History page tonight. --Driscoll 14:23, 5 November 2007 (JST)