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Open University Campaign Criteria #5: Internet

Committee Members

Meg Ambrose

Richard Esguerra of EFF is a good resource for this criteria.

Cost/resource analysis:

It's also worth noting here that these technologies are useless against even rudimentary obfuscation/encryption techniques, which will be standard on any p2p protocol within a few years.


1. Research efforts by the RIAA/MPAA and against by universities

2. Design a statement of best practices - both legal (regarding pre-litigation letters, etc.) and technical (network setup)

3. Survey universities (see letter below for a start)

4. Educate universities on needed improvements as explained in best practices


Committee Steps

-Draft a one page document outlining the importance of an open/neutral/generative Internet

-Determine what makes an "A" for network management - Are there upload/download restrictions? Are the network access policies written well? Do they allow anonymous use or is login required? Now that the RIAA claims to not sue anymore, do they factor into this category?

-Draft letters/questionnaire for relevant departments - IT, General Counsel

Potential Letter to University Officials

EDUCAUSE Article on the Higher Education Act of 2008

BU gets subpoenas quashed because it demonstrates that they cannot identify IP address users

Tennessee's law requiring filtering


EFF white paper on filtering on campus

Analysis of forwarding pre-litigation letters

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