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Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser.

It can be downloaded here.

Windows Installation

Windows installation is straight-foward. Once the file has been downloaded just double-click on it and install it like you would any other Windows application.

Linux Installation

Once the copy of Firefox has been downloaded you will have to uncompress it.

tar -zxvf firefox.tar.gz

Normally there will be a lot of version numbers before the '.tar.gz'. In Linux you don't have to type them out. Just type

tar -zxvf firefox

followed immediately by the tab key, this will use the auto-complete feature of the Linux command line.

Once the file has been uncompressed go into the new directory.

cd firefox-installer

Then run the installer.


Read and follow and instructions and if the keep the default installation directory Firefox will be installed into the .firefox-installer directory. Firefox can now be run with the command


Or a desktop or menu shortcut can be made to that location.