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The correct title of this article is iRony iPod Liberation Party. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

On Friday night, October 6, 2006, the Computing Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab and the Boston Free Culture group held an iPod Liberation event called iRony.

During the event, users were walked through the process of installing flexible and featureful free/open source software firmware -- without DRM -- onto their digital audio players.


Event photos and video


Groups that help support iRony include:

The iRony team (people who helped start the event and document the process aftewards include):


In preperation for (and, to an embarassingly extensive degree at the party), Benjamin Mako Hill with help from Noah Vawter wrote a RockBox installer called simply, the iRony RockBox Installer which is useful for installing RockBox - especially at parties like this.