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Howtos, Tutorials, and other End-User Docs for being one with the mighty Web

  • Use your real name
    • Register with whatever username you want
    • Use your real name in the first and last name boxes
    • Set identity on blog to "First Last" (Login -> Profile -> Identity on blog)
  • Use "more" tag on long or graphic-heavy entries (button that you can click on in the "post" or "edit" pane)
    • Graphics should be an FC.o-recommended format
  • Use trackback
  • Use links as appropriate
  • Text style conventions: names, dates, etc.
  • Layout style conventions: what HTML / CSS tags to use / not use, how to use them, etc.
  • Content conventions: what "is" a blog post and what isn't -- i.e. what to write about (and what not)
    • Launching FC.o campaigns
    • Major media write-ups of FC.o or chapters
    • NOT: local events of only local significance (write these in your local blog)
    • NOT: your personal musings / ramblings (write these in your personal blog)
      • There's a grey area here...
    • NOT: pipe dreams, complaints, internal disputes, name-calling
    • NOT: news stories without the FC.o context / "spin"
  • Accentuate the positive: what's being done that's good? How are people fighting for what's right? How can you get involved / help out?