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What is Gaim?

Gaim is an open-source cross-platform multi-protocol IM client. All of these attributes are good.

Why use Gaim?

Gaim is open software that allows you to communicate freely with whatever (supported) service you choose, client-side. In addition, Gaim is faster, safer, more user-friendly and well-standardized than most other IM clients. It can easily be deployed in business and home environments. Gajim is another client which also supports multiple protocols, but does so by use of a transport enabled jabber server, such as If you wish to use transports with gaim through jabber, you may do so, but must use a more jabber-centric client such as Gajim or Exedous to set them up.

  • Natively supports multiple logins of many protocols: AIM, Y!, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, etc simultaneously
    • IE: You can be online with 5 AIM screennames, 2 IRC chatrooms, and Y! at the same time.
  • Plugins are available for other protocols such as bogger and livejournal
  • No advertisements
  • Multiplatform - Runs on Linux, BSD and Windows
  • Can be enhanced with message gaim-encryption
    • The other user must also be using gaim-encryption or a compatible protocol with their client.

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How to use Gaim

How to get others to use Gaim

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