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A lot of our philosophy is an attempt to apply the ideology of free software and the open source model to the rest of society.

Any coder will tell you that software is a work of art. That there is culture in both using and writing software. Here is some more information about free software

Free Software links

About Free/Open Source Software (FOSS)

Using Free Software

Free Software for MS Windows

  • The Open CD - a collection of Free Software for Windows.
  • - Free, compatible, and technologically-superior replacement for Microsoft Office. Every student in the USA will benefit from switching to OpenOffice!

Free Software for MacOS X

  • The MacStack - a CD collection of Free and Open Source Applications for Mac OS X.
  • NeoOffice/J - A completely usable test version of OpenOffice for OS X, named NeoOffice/J during its development and testing phase. Does not require X11.

Free Operating Systems

  • Debian - a popular Linux distribution.
  • Fedora - a popular Linux distribution, affiliated with Red Hat.
  • SUSE - a popular Linux distribution.
  • Slackware - One of the oldest Linux distros, closer to UNIX and the *BSDs

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