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What It Is

  • An effort to compile an archive / dump of all free-culture chapter related media.
  • This is a really important way for the more established chapters to help out the ones just starting

Eligible Files

  • PSD Files
  • PDFs
  • Presentations
  • Anything you created for your club is perfect for this site.

Who Has Participated

Who Has Not Participated


  • host:
  • port: 22
  • login: storage
  • password: Contact User:Mecredis
  • protocol: SFTP

FTP Clients to Use

  • Linux:
    • gFTP
    • (sudo apt-get install gftp) on Debian/Ubuntu

File Structure Info

You'll find a basic directory stucture that should be self explanatory, but feel free to add more directories, though try not to delete other users' uploads!

Also assume everything up here will be re-used, remixed, or just outright redistributed without your permission if its not already specified as being under a CC-BY-SA. Also assume that this directory is not private and should be considered as public as our public facing website.

We've attempted to create some directories that will help you organize your work, so just try to pay attention and don't upload anything that isn't totally appropriate.

The best thing would be to create a directory with your chapter name in it inside a media-type folder (e.g. Flyers/Free Culture @ NYU) so others will have a good way of finding your content and knowing who made it.