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Selling Art without Selling Out:

A New Kind of Copyright

For musicians, writers, and creators of all persuasions

The old model of copyright:

  • costs huge amounts of money in legal expenses.
  • slows the brilliant, dynamic creative process to a crawl.
  • fails to do the very thing it was designed to do: Help artists make legitimate profits while sharing their work with a wide, curious audience.

For 225 years, American culture has thrived by letting people borrow, adapt, share, and build on each other's work. But today, access to everything from Peter Pan (written nearly 100 years ago) to the poetry of Robert Frost (dead for several decades) is restricted.

We need a new model of copyright that allows artists to do what they have always done: Protect their unique work while allowing broad distribution. The good news is: We have that new model. You can use it today, for free, without having to pay an intellectual-property lawyer $300 an hour to scrutinize contracts.

It's called Creative Commons, and with a CC copyright, you make the rules.

  • Want to make your music free to distribute, as long as people don't change it and they give you credit?
  • Are you willing to make your work free for educational use, but you want commercial users to pay?
  • You can choose from among these and a dozen other options at the Creative Commons website (

It's all part of the Free Culture movement. To find out more: - -